Kaia James Obituary

Kaia Mary  James
Kaia Mary James

June 28, 1961 - November 13, 2019
Born in Ruston, LA
Resided in Bend, OR


It is rare that you come across someone that is deeply authentic and beautifully present in any given moment. Kaia embodied both of these in ways that left a deep impression on the souls that she encountered. She was full of life, always made you laugh and made you feel so welcomed and loved just as you are. You always walked away from time with Kaia feeling inspired, motivated and loved.
Kaia was able to teach those around her how to see the beauty in one’s individuality. No one is “in a box, weird or different” rather each of us is a beautiful unique creation able to deeply love the things that make us who we are. Kaia herself was a beautiful being who lived on the edge of her emotions always making room for the expression of what felt true in each moment. She was ever growing and open to find a way of life that felt more authentic.
She is loved so deeply by many and the impact she has made on others is greater than she could have ever imagined. She has imprinted her heart on so many other’s souls that she will continue to live a legacy on this earth for decades to come. Even though we miss her every moment we know she is in a beautiful place seeing and experiencing more beauty and magic than she could have ever hoped for.
Kaia’s journey with ovarian cancer allowed her the opportunity to see more of her own beauty and strength. She would often say she was thankful for her cancer, regardless of how hard it was, because it was pivotal in allowing her access to the deeper self discovery that she longed for. Kaia stood upon a foundation embedded with the magic of energy, the power of healing, the depth of the Divine and the beauty of love and light. She was an intrepid explorer of the healing arts, both ancient and newly discovered, allowing herself to find and acknowledge her own physical empathic nature. She spent decades studying with teachers the world over, each one forging the way to become more true and responsive to the depth of love that permeates all of creation, fostering healing and recovery in myriads of ways.
In honor of her lifetime journey, in lieu of flowers, we invite you to join us in celebrating her in one of the following ways: Purchase a bracelet made in her honor called “The Kaia” which was designed with the reflection of her beauty (proceeds from each bracelet will go to ovarian cancer research), or donate on her behalf to an organization whose aim helps Professional Healers become more capable of bringing others connectedness. Kaia once reflected, “Several times I’ve been so moved by the magic of my life in the connections that I’m making that I have cried and thanked God out loud. I’m so grateful to be alive and it’s all because I started making loving, supportive connections. I was given the space to be myself, even encouraged to be myself. That is all I have ever wanted.”

Kaia will always be missed and never forgotten. We love you Kaia....with all the heart there is... and all there ever will be.
Donation sites:
The Kaia bracelet: http://wristlifestyle.com/product/the-Kaia
National Association of Professional Healers: http://nationalhealerassociation.com/in-memory- of-kaia-james/



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